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- Strain-Gauging and data acquisition

-Consulting and training Fatigue and Fracture tests

-Coaching for NADCAP acreditation (Fatigue and Fracture Labs)

-Alignment specimens fatigue tests.

North American Distributor-LiTeM

Life Testing Machine Italy


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Fatigue & Fracture

Lucian Blaga Testing Consultancy Inc is a mechanical engineering consulting company specializing in fatigue and fracture mechanics. With over 15 years of research and industry experience, Lucian Blaga Testing Consultancy Inc offers in-depth knowledge of material testing problems and their solutions. Load cells and extensometers noise, test frame alignment  are some of the problem we have solution for.

LiTeM-Life Testing Machines
 Exclusive North American distributor                                                                

Lucian Blaga Testing Consultancy Inc, is an exclusive North American distributor of LiTeM an expert provider of fatigue testing solutions:


Pneumatic, Electromechanical,

Electrodynamic Fatigue Machines,RTC 9000 Real Time Test Controller.

Alignment specimens

Miss-alignment of the test frame is one of the sources of errors in the fatigue and fracture testing Being able to measure and control missalignment is a compliance condition of numerous standards (ASTM E1012, GE450 (NADCAP), ISO TC 164DC5WG11).

We can provide standard or custom made alignment specimens for round, flat, threaded or smooth specimen having 8, 9 or 12 strain-gauges distributed in two ot three zones respectively.

Strain and Stress measurement

Lucian Blaga Testing Consultancy Inc. offers strain gauges installations on various substrates (metals, plastics, composites) and recording for:

-general-purpose static and dynamic stress analysis, up to 300C.

-measurements of large post-yield strains up to  (+/- 20%)

-torsional strain measurement with special torsion strain gauges.

-Up to 48 channels strain measuring with up to 1000 Hz data collection.

NADCAP Acreditation

Lucian Blaga Testing Consultancy Inc, can help you obtaining NADCAP accreditation for a fatigue and fracture laboratory.


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